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    Mr_Sleep wrote:
    THFourteen wrote:
    He's never been able to cross!
    Why does he end up with the ball wide so much then? If ever there was a player that needed to put some time in on crossing it's him.
    We generally cross the ball to vary our play and keep defenders on their toes rather than focusing on getting goals. Sagna is usually out wide so he can drag the defence out of shape. It still would be nice if he put in more hours on the training field practising crossing though. Especially since we have a striker who can score with his head now.

    As for Arsenal fans wanting Wenger out. I was the most vehement on here about it but I will put up my hands and say his actions after December have convinced me to give him the benefit of the doubt for next season. It was the sheer purgatory of seeing the same mistakes again that pissed me off, looks like he has finally copped on to some things.

    I'm a bit cautious in exclaiming title challenges for next season, shall have to see how we spend in the summer. But if we do spend well, I can see us challenging.

    Fair play to Spurs, really thought you would finish above us this year but you still manage to keep fucking yourselves over, somehow. Still think you lot can be title contenders next year with the right purchases. Lack of Champions League might ruin that though :D
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