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    Just what Arsenal need too... a returning featherweight midfielder who likes to pass the ball endlessly and can't impose himself if (when) the game turns physical. The shame!
    See, that's where you're wrong. If there's one thing Cesc could do, it's impose himself on a game. He may be petulant and dirty in doing so, but he can run a game. /sob
    Meh. He could impose himself on a game if the physical battle was already being won by other players. He did have a great couple of seasons right before he left but I can think of 9-10 positions in the Arsenal team they need to sort out before looking for a new small, skinny attacking midfield playmaker.
    Cesc was regularly double man marked and even then he was still influencing games. In fact he very rarely was involved in physical battles because he used the space on the field in such a way as to be a step ahead of the opposition. Its one of his main strengths as a footballer. Not to mention, even when he was injured or not in form he could win us games, inspiring us to put 3 past Villa for example.

    I know a striker and a left winger is priority but I also think we could do with Cesc back in the team. Cesc is a player that can play a deep lying playmaking role. We desperately need that in terms of making our counter attacks better and adding another dimension to our play. As currently we rely on too many dribbling, short passing, playing in the hole playmakers. Our overall strategy and squad is too narrow minded at times.
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