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    Let me just say I like Rooney. Obviously a brilliant footballer, who's given some wonderful moments that will live long in the memory (people point to that goal against City, but for me it's the volley against Newcastle that stands out) and paid a great service to the club. It's hard to judge considering we obviously don't know what's going on behind the scenes with Rooney and Utd. Considering recent comments by Moyes then it's hard not to fault him for being angry and confused.

    But...this has been going on for a while, a lot longer than these comments were made. Even before Moyes came into the job. So he's clearly unhappy about something. It just comes across as pushing for more money at a time when his attitude and performance last season was questionable. My attitude is that if you don't want to wear the shirt anymore, then get rid. I feel like the only reason Rooney hasn't come out and said anything, is because he knows there are few clubs he could go to and may not go to any of them by the end of the transfer window, so why set yourself up for a fall like you did last time? It must be, I mean he came out on Twitter straight away after this supposed ankle injury, saying he was fine, so why not just come out and say you want to stay at United if your were that committed and put all the rumours to bed?

    Like I said, I like Rooney, but if he's looking for another pay packet when he's already living pretty at 250k a week, treating the club the way he has with 2 transfer requests in 3 years, then he can fuck off.

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