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    That's a completely false comparison, given that Ronaldo played for the much higher profile Manchester United, who played in the Champions' League and have a better squad than Spurs. This idea that trophies alone dictate the quality of a player is a joke. By those standards Djimi Traore is better than most footballers out there.

    Everyone can see the quality of Bale, Spurs don't want or need to sell, and that's why his market value is high. For all the ridiculous amounts of money talked about, you can only put 11 players on the pitch, and in Bale's role and on current form, there are only a few players of that quality, and I'd argue one of them is unobtainable and the other is already at Madrid. In the elite echelons of the game, those increases in quality can make a huge difference once you are at the business end of the Champions' League.

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