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    @ElNino9 A good but relatively unproven manager to take the reigns of a club that has been coached by one of if not the greatest managers in history. That pressure alone is a huge burden. Moyes' every decision will be analysed and talked about.

    Also the midfield is, I still feel, the weakest out of the top clubs in the division. I also wonder if the defence will start to falter a little bit more with a new coaching team in place.

    I also think that the Fergie factor has won United many a game in the past. That sense of confidence and 'swagger' that his teams always had about them. That has both, made opponents wary of them and given them a winning mentality. A few early losses and that aura of invincibility that United have could be gone.

    So they are my reasons for thinking United may be out of the top four.
    I do think Moyes is a great coach. In fact, he would have been one of my first choices for Arsenal if Wenger was gone this season but I also think that he may need a season to bed in. I wouldn't be surprised to see United fall out of the top four for one season but I would expect them to be right back up there the following season.
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