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    vijay_UK wrote:
    Blotto wrote:
    Stay classy, Fernebahce supporters.
    This group of supporters went so far as to set up camp outside Arsenal's hotel, the Wyndham Hotel Kalamis, employing anti-social tactics throughout the night to keep them awake.

    Flares, fireworks and bangers were the order of the night as the fans tried to interrupt Arsenalís sleep.
    Not that much different to what the media have been doing, or that matter Arsenal's own fans. They've brought it on themselves, turning one home defeat into something far more. Fenerbahce smell blood and are going for it.
    Tbh I like you as a poster, but this view is really uninformed. The home defeat against villa was the catalyst, but this has been brewing for quite a few years. The last two years have seen equal venom from our fans, but its just grown this year to a majority from a minority.

    The club have been taking more and more of our money and just keeping it for themselves, for what purpose I don't know, but I more and more believe they will eventually take dividends.

    Over £10,000 I've paid into my football club for the last 8 years, and that's not including beer, shirts, sky, ESPN, scarves, hats whatever.

    Its turning into downright robbery tbh. Stealing from their fans because they know we can't just go and support another club.

    Anyway, got any spare palace tickets I can nab :-)
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