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    LeD wrote:
    Mate, it's not about losing to Aston Villa, it's about going into that game unprepared, letting a whole summer go past without getting anybody in. Aston Villa went into that game a stronger team than last season, and got rewarded by brushing Arsenal aside. We got into the game a weaker team than last season and got a spanking at home.
    Yeah, that's a fair assessment, perhaps I'm just looking at it from my fandom's perspective. Some of the coverage about it has been all about Arsenal's failure in the match and not about the well drilled and quality play that did happen from Villa's end.

    Also, another thing that has been lost in all the discussion is what a damn entertaining match it was, it may have been a bad result for Arsenal in the end but it was a very entertaining and tight game of football that could have conceivably gone either way if a few things had gone differently. For a neutral it was the kind of match the premiership does very well.
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