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    kalel wrote:
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    I'd always take a fans opinion on a player over a neutrals plainly because they see more of them and most fans are realistic about their players.
    The most valuable opinion will generally be the well-informed neutral. Fans tend to be defensive of their own players in general non-club specific environments like this.

    Thing about Man U is, they get far more coverage than other teams, so the average neutral will have seen a lot more of Welbeck and a good deal of full matches compared to someone like Ricky Lambert, who I can't honestly say I have much of an opinion of.
    Fans tend to be defensive at times yeah, but pretty much everyone in here has a go at their own players when they're playing shit. And every football fan in general will give out if a player they don't like is starting in the team as we all love to play manager.

    Neutral fans tend to be overly critical of big teams players as well. We all love to see a player struggling at rival clubs.
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