#6766200, By PlugMonkey Shame of the year 2010

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    It's got to be Heavy Rain. I was a little bit sceptical after getting burnt by Fahrenheit, which started out amazing, but then descended into QTE overload and narrative madness.

    Fahrenheit plot spoiler:
    Like when you find out 95% of the way through the game that the enemy is actually "an artificial intelligence that became self aware on the 'net back in the '80s." It it impossible to list the number of things wrong with that sentence.

    BUT David Cage said how much they had learnt from their mistakes in Fahrenheit, so I decided to give it a shot. And what do I get?

    A murder that is committed by a character who's alibi at the time WAS ME![/I]

    That's the future of interactive narrative? Fuck you, David Cage! I wasted 12 hours of my life AGAIN on your cockamamy! Hire a writer, you nutbar!
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