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    Now how's that for an enticing headline. Basically I'm trying to solve a problem and have used countless programs without success. Someone may have an easy answer for this. Consider the following data ion a text file:

    John, apples, 98765
    Paul, oranges, 98765
    Kate, tomatoes, 12345
    Nikki, pears, 12345
    Tom, raspberries, 12345

    Basically I want a program that will go through hundreds of these files, pick the first occurrence of my search criteria (ie, the line containing 12345), ignore everything else and then put that line into Excel. Or create a new file, I'm not fussy if it ends up being a bit long-winded.

    Is there a way of doing this directly in Excel 2007? I can't program to save my life so if it's a utility, it needs to be an extremely simple one.

    Thanks if you can help
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