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    Played through this over the weekend and I loved it. The Mighty Rose has not had so much fun with a game since Alpha Protocol. I am currently playing through Vanquish and although the sense of scale and controls are superb it is just not gripping me like Binary Domain did.

    The game is not without its flaws for sure such as the previously mentioned same bits of dialogue being repeated over and over again by your teammates when Dan is injured or the fact squad mates will run into your line of sight and then complain about it and cause you to lose trust!

    "You OK Dan?" Says the huge musclebound Delroy Lindo lookalike.
    "If you die we'll all be in a pickle." Says the british woman.
    "Don't get careless." Says the super sexy Chinese babe.

    And repeat.

    On my playthrough the cool french robot Cain disappeared and never came back. Does anyone know how to get him to appear at the end? Is it simply a matter of filling his trust bar?
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