#6858844, By drumbaby Why are you (and others) Playstation fans? Question about franchises

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    I associate the Playstation brand with some of my greatest gaming experiences.

    My gaming life started with the PSOne, with Alien Trilogy, then DOOM, the Tomb Raider series, Disruptor, etc...Then after a couple of years on the PC playing fps games like Quakes 1 2 and 3, I fancied a new console, I bought a PS2, with Capcom really excelling in my eyes with the DMC and Onimusha series, plus the God of War series and Ico etc. I pretty much got into 3rd person actioneering because of PS2.

    Based on their previous 2 consoles I had no hesitation in buying a PS3 at launch. My first launch console in fact. This is the first time I've experienced that slow patch where I had to wait for the really good games to come out. Resistance was a great start, and after a bit of a wait my decision has been justified. The Uncharted franchise alone has been reason enough to own a PS3...plus Blu-Ray, the Resistance and Killzone series (I've got back into fps games because of PS3)...and 2011 is just full of amazing PS3 exclusives. Move is pretty cool too. The PSN is great for smaller alternative games like Flower and Dead Nation. My kids are total Little Big Planet addicts. The PS3 really does do everything as far as my family's gaming and TV needs are concerned.

    All Sony have to do is finally get Capcom to release a proper next gen' Monster Hunter on PS3 and I'll be first in line for a PS4 at launch.
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