#6900620, By Terrorist Most anticipated games of 2011

  • Terrorist 15 Jan 2011 20:25:48 198 posts
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    8. Gears of War 3, Imo its just like GoW 2 + 4 player co-op and horde mode when you can play as Locust.

    7. Battlefield 3, Because of the way Bad company 2 servers made me derstory one of my TV

    6. Crysis 2, Because your going to need a NASA computer to run this ...

    5. Doom 4, Legend

    4. Zelda, TRUE LEGEND

    3. Hitman 5, Because it still kicks Assassin's creed ass imo

    2. MGS Rising, MGS series as one of the best but Raiden might epicly fail

    1. Duke Nukem Forever .... No need to say anything

    I know it was only top five but I just can't leave these games out.
    Even people that are not into gaming will love these games and just jump when hearing the title. Call of duty can burn in hell.
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