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    I just played ME1 again recently, and its story doesn't make any sense. Consider the first few hours:

    The prologue: (1) Saren kills Nihlus and Shepard hears gunshot; (2) Shepard arrives at the loading bay, witnesses Sovereign depart and finds the body of Nihlus; (3) Saren arrives at the spaceport, commands the geth to plant explosives; (4) Saren uses the beacon; (5) Shepard arrives at the spaceport and disarms the explosives; (6) Shepard uses the beacon; (6) Saren is aboard Sovereign; (7) Benezia informs Saren that Eden Prime survived and Shepard used the beacon. So Sovereign departed from Eden Prime before Saren commanded the geth to plant explosives, and yet Saren appears to have escaped Eden Prime aboard Sovereign before he commanded the geth to plant explosives. Talk about a continuity confusion.

    Now consider the puzzling trial of Saren. The Council decides the testimony of one "traumatised dockworker" is not enough, and so Captain Anderson asks "what about Shepard's vision!?", but he is told that "dreams" will not be admitted into evidence. But evidence for what and against who? The content of Shepard's vision would have nothing to do with Saren. The vision was of synthetics wiping out the protheans 50,000 years ago, not Saren and the geth attacking the colony on Eden Prime. Moreover, the only witness of Saren on Eden Prime was the aforementioned dockworker, but Shepard and Anderson seem to have been watching the cutscenes, because both have an unwavering conviction that Saren killed Nihlus, commanded the geth to plant explosives, used the beacon, and escaped on Sovereign. But why? Neither of them saw Saren do any of these things, and the dockworker only claims to have seen Saren murder Nihlus.

    Finally, if Saren is still a Spectre and trusted by the Council, why doesn't he just stroll into the Citadel Control Room and activate its dormant Mass Relay function? The whole search for Ilos and the Conduit makes sense only because Saren has been exposed as a traitor and cannot enter the Citadel except through its "backdoor", i.e. the Relay Monument. At the beginning of the story, he wouldn't even need Sovereign or geth fleet, because nobody would understand what was happening until an army of Reapers appeared. There is no reason for Saren to be on Eden Prime in the first place place, and there is no reason for him to be looking for the Conduit, or at least Bioware forget to give us any such reason.

    I like ME1, but its got more than a few plotholes. Alright, that's enough nitpicking.
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