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    convercide wrote:Are you a Batarian? I have doubts that you're from Earth.

    It'll be great no matter which lead platform it's primarily developed for. Look at Castlevania. The PS3 was the lead platform there (at least that what I remember the devs saying) and it looked fantastic on both consoles.

    In answer to your question: no, more eyes than a human but less than a batarian.

    I did not mean to suggest multi-platform games can't be great. I just finished Arkham Asylum a few days ago and it was excellent. Far more goes into determining whether a game is great than what or how many platforms it is released on, but as a general rule, even great games could probably have been better had their creators been able to concentrate on a single platform.

    It all depends on a number of other factors that I did not mention, though, e.g. perhaps EA are just throwing that much more money at the project since it is coming on out on PS3, in which case it is arguable that it would not have been any better as a 360 exclusive.
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