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    Shopto take 3,000 ME3 orders in one hour :eek:
    Was kinda debating if I should've upgraded or not but it's all sold out within a couple of hours of going up there. Oh well. Good for shopto.
    I was looking at ME2 preorder though and have finally caught up with the whisperings/rage about Day 1 DLC... Anyone have any idea about how much we'll feel we're missing out on by not buying it? If it's a lot I may wait out a GOTY edition (I suppose waiting 4 years to play ME1 didn't kill me!)
    It's all a bit silly really. Bioware have said, it's not REALLY that important and that ME3 is a full game without the dlc, that said, considering the content of the day 1 dlc, in terms of ME lore/back story it is surpsing it's being relegated to dlc and not part of the initial game.

    Should've done what they did with Zaeed; available to all those who get new copies.
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