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    Bremenacht wrote:
    @Skirlasvoud - Ending aside, it's a better game than ME2 isn't it? That's the impression I've got from what I've read, and what I heard on the EG podcast.

    I think the story was doomed when it became clear what they'd done with ME2.

    It's vastly better and every penny invested in it was worth it. The action, the weapons, the story. This, is an extraordinary game that everybody needs to play and love. Best saga out there.

    It's just... the blemishes, god damn. The glaring plotholes and the unsatisfying conclusion. I know I'm coming across as whiny, but this is like that one smudge on anotherwise perfect experience. The oil stain on the otherwise perfect blue lagune. I'm not complaining because the game sucked and it needs revisions across the board. I'm lobbying because it was absolutely perfect safe one little thing - arguably the most important thing.

    That's how good I think the game is. I'm doing this out of love, not being entitled or sour.

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