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    morriss wrote:
    Skirlasvoud wrote:
    Yossarian wrote:
    @morriss I'm sorry to inform you your "older, somewhat wiser" brother is in fact an idiot.

    Let's keep civilized about it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Let's just say that those that bought into the promises, invested themselves emotionally in the entire triology and those with an active immagination, were let down and are justly upset.

    Like I said, my post, page five of the ME3 Spoiler thread.
    What an amazingly veiled insult. Fuck off. You're a nobody.
    S'cuse me? I'm not sure about this veiled insult business, but yours definitly isn't. Very rude.

    I guess you weren't quoting me. If you were, I'm sorry my opinion drives you up the wall, but it stands. Those with a connection to the series and have tried imagining what directions it could have taken, are dissapointed.

    Now, Like I said, please keep civilized on both sides.
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