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    Genji wrote:
    Is there a way to grind money in this? As in, I want to spend money on armor and upgrades, but am hesitant to do so if there is an upward limit on how much money I can get. Especially if I can use said monies to buy war assets.

    A simple 'yes' or 'no' will do - don't want any plot spoilers here. And keeping in mind that I am currently single player only, although I may play MP in the future.
    Don't worry Genji. You never need to use money to buy war assets. You can get all of them for free exploring the universe, or keeping an eye out for fetch and carry mission on Hacket's side assignements. For example, Cerverus Scematics can be found in a Cerberus research base to gain war assets for the crucible.

    The only money sinks I know of, are weapon and armor upgrades. However, if you're like me, you just have 4-5 favorite weapons amongst 3 dozen and you can use your funds effectively.
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