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    Stompy wrote:
    Skirlasvoud wrote:
    They knew damn well what was expected of them and that this wasn't it. Every two bit writer and screenplay hack knows it. You don't abandon your readers like that.
    What, are they putting your love in the bank and saving the world with it?
    Get over yourself - they do not owe you the story you want.

    People who want the story they're looking for go out and make those stories. Yes, 90% of these people are hacks like Uwe Boll, but at least they don't moan about what someone else is doing with their own intellectual property as if they have a real (rather than imagined) stake in it.

    Like in my other reply in the other thread, you're right. They don't owe me a thing. However, I do have the right to complain about it and I have had a stake in writing the story. My purchases paid for ME3, no doubt about it.

    What is left to me, is the ability to complain like an responsible consumer, warn them that they're tarnishing their reputation with the scewed advertisement in my opinion and what I think should improve.


    Other than that, thank you for argueing with me, sincerely. You could have worded it better, so I could understand it sooner, but I picked up on your point and you're right. They don't owe me a thing. However, they'd better improve when their fanbase is in an uproar, for the sake of their financial fortitude.

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