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    Aretak wrote:
    CaptainKid wrote:
    I was also very disappointed the Citadel only has two (nicely done) areas.
    I get the feeling the first (Mars) mission is as good as it gets.
    At least stick with it until Tuchanka and then the mission just after that. If those two don't convince you that it's awesome, then you should stop playing.

    Tutchanka was definitly one of my favorite zones. The palavan moon is a bit bland, but everything after that vastly improves. The krogan temples were gorgeous, with the plants growing on the only fertile spots, the ancient art, the mythical beast eventually killing the reaper for you.

    It makes me super-excited to find out if the Krogan ever rise to that old glory again, after I elected Wrex, saved Eve and cured the genophage.

    The Krogan must have a bright and shining future ahead of them.

    Oh... wait...

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