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    Unless you've got 3 tvs in your set up, I don't see how headtracking would work.
    I'm assuming the people who say things like this have never actually tried headtracking. It amplifies the movements your head is making and works just fine.

    You're right, I haven't tried it and I didn't realise that it amplies your movements. Ignore me and carry on!
    Thats exactly what i'm worried about, i don't want to have my head movements used as the control input, because i move my head to look at other things. Get distracted for a split second by a noise in another room from your missus or dog, BAM straight into a tyre wall or something equally race ruining. That doesn't sound like fun.

    But your head wouldn't be use to control steering input, it would be used as look/view input... in which case your virtual self will be looking out the side window thinking "wtf was that?" as well
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