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    Dirtbox wrote:
    Wow, this is some buggy shit. Not only that, but it's incredibly dated to the point where it doesn't even have widescreen support.

    Stretched 4:3 anyone?

    Indeed there's much to be addressed at this point. I started playing the closed beta yesterday courtesy of the key-giveaway here at EG and, at 1920x1200 the game just kept crashing to desktop (.exe stopped working crap. See forums for more info)
    Today I tried lowering the res to 1024x768 and it ran fine for 4-5 games, but alas with ugly black borders on either side of the screen.
    I then got cocky and ventured into changing my Audio setting to Hardware. Bad move. I guess this is a somewhat modified version of the Battlefiel 2 engine, what ? 6 years old? Yeah well, it doesn't like my Asus Xonar DX much.

    Yeah the game is kinda ugly but if you still love Battlefield 2 the aesthetics are not much of a concern. Hope they iron out most of the buggy code until it goes on open beta on the 4th of April because the proper game is pretty decent indeed.
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