#6835403, By drumbaby Your Most Loved PS3 Game So Far?

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    My fave games out of the dozen or so I've got for PS3...

    1) Uncharted 2: I bought it October 2009, played it in fits and starts until December 2009, and abandoned it, having not got into it at all. In retrospect the halting way in which I played really didn't do the game any justice at all, as I found out when I decided to finish it this October. I discovered I'd abandoned it with only 2 levels to go. I played a couple of earlier levels, to get the control scheme back again, then got back into the campaign. A couple of hours later I'd finished it. Since then I've found 91 of the 100 treasures, and in doing so played most of the game again. Final verdict? Best game I've ever played.

    2) Uncharted 1: I still prefer the environments and atmosphere of the first game over the 2nd, but everything else in Uncharted 2 is so improved that it just edges this game as an overall experience. I still can't think of any other game other than its sequel that betters Uncharted 1 though.

    3) Killzone 2: The best 'combat sim' style FPS I've ever played. By that I mean COD style game where it's all about the authenticity of feel. This may be steeped in futuristic lore, but for me it felt more convincing and visceral than COD4, and had the added benefit of a much better story and atmosphere.

    4) Resistance 2: I really liked the single player campaign. It had a good story, great pitched battles, and fantastic atmosphere. But it's the online co-op that keeps me coming back to R2. Such an addictive experience.
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