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    Nathan Camarillo: "I've gone on the record saying that if you stick PS3 and 360 side by side I would challenge anyone to find any meaningful difference. I don't see it at all."

    I think the keyword there is 'meaningful'. They've put the same game on three different platforms. That's three different hardware and software setups, so it's pretty obvious that there is going to be some differences between the versions. I've been looking at a lot of the videos on Youtube of all three versions and I'd have to agree that, while there are differences in the visual quality, I don't see anything meaningful that should detract from a players overall experience of the game. It looks great on all three platforms.

    Okay, there have been some videos that show a poor framerate, but I've also seen other videos of the same versions running more smoothly. So that could just be how said videos have been captured, and not necessarily indicate how well the game runs on that platform.
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