#6832615, By JohnnyWashnGo Ricky Gervais: "Why I'm an athiest"

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    Rage_Quit_Rob wrote:
    Genji wrote:
    And I'm getting tired of people thinking that proclaiming themselves as atheist is some sort of free pass to being smarter and better than religious people. Sometimes I just wish they'd fucking keep it to themselves and try to be nice.

    I agree. It does seem to be strangely fashionable to declare atheism.

    The odd thing is - after being an Atheist for most of my life, if the subject somehow gets broached in conversation these days, I find myself having to defend my views because it's really trendy to be an Atheist these days. When you tell them you have always been this way they mumble something about Richard Dawkins and walk away...
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