#6838262, By Jos Ricky Gervais: "Why I'm an athiest"

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    markyHD wrote:
    ... It's a simple case of presenting fact/evidence...

    But that is the language/tools of science.

    Secondly, as someone rooted in science, I wouldn't say I have ever considered the religious mindset from a sociological or economic perspective. Because that would be sociology (pretend science ;P) or economics no?

    Ha ha - better not tell you I have a political science degree or you'll put me on ignor straight off!


    You're making some huge generalisations there. For a lot of people science and religion are not opposed or exclusive to each other. Many highly intelligent people are able to reconcile the two.

    I didn't make myself clear - I was meaning that for those who do use science to "prove" religion wrong it is pointless. It's like trying to prove a line is straight by only referring to it's colour - there's no contextual overlap.
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