#6841078, By nickal47 Bulletstorm Epic Edition

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    GeeMacca wrote:
    Well if what you posted above is wrong and its just in regards to the US version and Game have it exclusively here, they may put a premium on it. But like I said, don't buy it. No harm, no foul. They aren't making anyone buy it from them!

    I think your missing the point - GAME don't have it exclusively in the UK, according to Epic ALL pre-orders of Bulletstorm WORLDWIDE will be the Epic Edition, in a sense there is only one version available to pre-order - you cannot pre-order a 'standard' edition. I will not be buying it from them and don't buy anything from them but it doesn't make it right that they are ripping of others who are maybe buying it as a present for people who don't know any different. Basically GAME are charging you extra for something that doesn't exist - its no big deal im not going to lose any sleep over it, its just a piss take imo.

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