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    byakuya83 wrote:
    all my younger sisters play games and grew up playing them, i think any women that had older brothers that were gamers are in a similar boat. although, they played very different games to me most of the time, first-party nintendo stuff and anything sims.

    the game store i use has a couple above-average chicks working there. the fact they share a common interest obviously elevates their status slightly.

    gamestation stores typcially smell really bad. the only thing they do differently to game is that they stock retro consoles and games. therefore, i'm thinking retro gaming is only popular amongst those who don't wash often.

    I agree gamestation smells like ass!!!!
    But again (i feel like im going against everyone) me and my mates go through our retro stages now and again! and I can tell you young man that i was evereehhh day! unless im ill then fk it!!!
    well when you say retro im thikin N64 and SAGAAAHHHHHH!
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