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    You know what they should have bundled with this game? A years subscription to Xbox Live because there is almost no single player content. If you got the PS3 version then you'll be alright.

    Single player consists of:

    Story Mode: 20 fights with badly drawn cutscenese, decent in-game cutscenes and bad voice acting dispersed inbetween.

    Arcade Mode: Pick a character, fight through a bunch of other characters. There is no beginning or ending dialouge/cutscene for any character. Why would they add a bunch of new characters if they aren't even going to introduce them properly?

    Legendary Mode: Like arcade mode but the people you have to fight is in a fixed order and it's rediculously hard. Beating this lets you unlock a secret character.

    Quick Battle: Kind of like a faux online mode. You fight different CPU opponents to unlock a number of different titles so you can display them in your online profile.

    VS Battle: Fight against someone on the same console or the CPU

    Training: self explanatory

    There is no mission mode, no tutorials to ease you in to the new fighting system. The only thing this game has going for it is the online mode which is very extensive as far as fighting games go. Also there's the dress up mode to make your own wacky fighter.

    I am dissapoint! They could have done so much more but it feels like Soul Calibur 4.5 and SC4 wasn't even that good.

    I was so looking forward to something like SC2 where there were missions and you could unlock special versions of your weapon that had some kind of effect. Like everyones Soul Calibur would do normal damage but slowly regenerate your health and Soul Edge would have increased damage but drain your life.
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