#6920308, By chrisnewell January 2011 Swapsies / For Sale Thread. Happy New Year

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    PepsiMax wrote:
    chrisnewell wrote:
    jonharrispro wrote:
    chrisnewell wrote:
    Got, on 360:

    Dead Rising 2
    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

    Would like, on 360:

    AC: Brotherhood
    Force Unleashed 2

    And Resistance 2 on PS3.

    Im looking of enslaved and vanquish. only game i have to Swap is MW2 but im up for cash/paypal?
    PM me


    Think you read the post wrong, I'm LOOKING for Vanquish and Enslaved, I don't have them to swap.

    Dead Rising 2 is now GONE, just Castlevania looking for a good home now.

    I'll swap Enslaved for Castelvania, pm me!

    Ha, sorry I totally forgot to remove Enslaved from my list! It's what I'm receiving in return for Dead Space 2, which has gone. What else have you got though? Maybe we can come to some arrangement :)
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