#6864263, By fukkalo PS3, PSP & Blu-ray Encryption Keys Released

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    i really hope Sony will come up with a solution and will stop all failoverfags and geogay shit.

    i just don't understand how, in this world,in 2011, where a guy may finish in jail because, for surviving, he tried to steal some food in a shop, some guys can make companies/economies/everything else collapse, bankruptcy, making millions of unemployeds, and small companies that depend on big ones close the door. and there's nothing these big companies (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, for exemple) can do to stop it. it's simply incredible.

    i know this is a game based website, and i shouldn't talk about religions.

    Tell me, if these companies were Iranian companies, or Egyptian, or from other muslim country, do you think these stupid geeks would be laughing at sony's face ? do you think all these virgin geeks would be doing some conferences, and then, would go home and watch a porno movie while drinking some geek shit ????

    no, these guys would simply be killed after their first attempt to show/present/rumour about any firmware, bootloader or whatever regarding the product.

    gayhot would get a playstation move controler up in the ass, a nunchuk down the throat, the whole video uploaded to youtube.

    failovergays would get their dicks burnt with xbox360's Cpu after 1 hour playing halo and they would have to eat 7 ps3's SPUs, since they love sony's hardware. later on, a little grenade, booum! once again, the whole video uploaded to youtube, in 1080p please, so we don't miss any detail.

    that's what would happen if the companies that provide us the thousands of hours playing nice games weren't from Japan or Usa. unfortunatly, i won't see these videos soon.

    Please, can someone please change a couple of laws and just put these kids in jail for 30 years??? No internet, no computer, no magazines, just a tv in every cell showing trailers/gameplay videos of actual and upcoming console/computer games.
    Ps4, xbox720, Wii HD, 5 years later: PS5, xbox1K, Wii HD2, and so on.

    Shit, i want to pay my games and pay them. I want to see people around me playing games they bought.
    I want to see Developpers spending every cent they have getting 200% of every hardware of every console.
    i want to wait 1 year for THAT game, and then, i want to go shopping and BUY it, and give the developpers their money back. i want to thank every studio and every developper for their hard work by buying their game.
    i want to have all those blue or green boxes on the shelf, and be able to use them in 20 years. i need to work hard for every game. but what a pleasure.

    i'm angry, really.

    Please, Sony. How can you let a couple of guys hack your console, without doing nothing to stop it?

    You spent billions on Cell processor, you waited years for blu-ray technology, you lost billions when you sold ps3s at the beginning. How many factories work for you? how many million people work for you, or with you?

    What about your first party studios, that rely on you?
    How can they continue beeing exclusive if it's not garanteed their 3 years of hard work spent on a game
    will end up on emule/torrent/newsgroups?

    i want the best games. i want hundreads of uncharted 2-3 like games. Now that developpers are used to ps3's hardware, now that they can get 100% of the power of those cpu/spus, will you let these kids fuck up your games, your business, MY GAMES afterall ?

    in less than 3 weeks, i want to start reading all over the net "Sorry kids, Sony did it again, the ps3 is safe again"

    3 weeks, SONY, 3 WEEKS.
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