#6878833, By ratso PS3, PSP & Blu-ray Encryption Keys Released

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    from a devs perspective, is a ps3 now just a pc that you have to pay royalties to develop on ?

    There certainly are options to tackle piracy but they are all costly and involve online authorisation and constant patching of multiplayer games to stop hacks.
    Basically all the security methods available to pc devs.

    But these things cost a lot to implement and I dont see how sony is going to maintain their high royalties if devs have to fork out their own money on security.

    I suppose in a crazy world sony could just roll with this and abolish royalities and start licensing the ps3 architecture to other firms to manufacture like they did with bluray players and make a profit that way.

    Its not an ideal situation for them, of course, but it keeps the ps3 platform alive and may lead to a proliferation of different ps3 "players"/ systems on the market which helps brand awareness and would put them in a nice spot for ps4.

    Yeah its not too likely, i know, but it would be interesting to see how something like that would pan out.

    Otherwise they can just expect devs to flee the system due to royalty fees and watch the ps3 lose support and the playstation brand lose credibility for the next generation.

    Of course all this depends on how easy it will be for average joe to play pirate games, by all accounts it shouldnt be too hard but average joe may be pissed once he finds a patch or lack of a serial number for modern warfare 3 precludes him from playing online.
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