#6868854, By The ***Official*** PS3 Homebrew/Custom Firmware Thread

  • Deleted user 5 January 2011 13:10:30
    mingster wrote:
    funkyd wrote:
    mingster wrote:
    I only buy second hand or if something is on sale for less than 10.

    Just playing devils advocate here, but is there really a difference between buying second hand and pirating? Developer sees no money from either.

    I'm sorry but there is a massive difference one is illegal/immoral the other isn't.

    I buy second hand games from ebay for a couple of pounds. This isn't piracy i'm afraid.

    The developer got there money from the original sale it wasn't a sale lost.

    Yes, pirating is illegal but how is it more immoral than buying second hand?

    Oh, and someone has to legally buy the game to upload it, developers got their money there too.
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