#6876900, By intpleeus You ever met a celebrity?

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    I met Joss Stone in London. I was walking along with my brother and his friend. We passed by some young girl on a mobile phone outside a pub/bar kinda place. In a tipsy manner, my brother twisted his head back and uttered the dumbstruck words: "you're Joss Stone!" Somehow or other (I can't remember how exactly), we ended up sitting at her table among some rather frightening looking bodyguards until the place closed. They were apparently flying to New York in the morning, and by coincidence the last song played before close was "New York, New York" by Sinatra; Joss Stone sang along drunkenly at the top of her lungs.

    In all, it was a surreal experience. I don't even drink and normally stay well away from such places, but my brother dragged me along for some reason. The rest of the night was a noxious combination of annoyance, boredom, embarrassment, stress, and frustration that I would rather forget, but meeting Joss Stone was an interesting surprise.
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