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    I used to go to school with Austin Drage, does that count? He was one of the X-Factor finalists in 2008 and has a few other credits to his name (and I use the word "credits" lightly, because he was in the dreadful Channel 4 show "Boys Will Be Girls"). He lived nearby to me growing up. I saw more of his brother, because he was one of a group I would regularly play football with in the nearby park.

    Austin was a scrawny little thing, but mischievous and a show off. He used to get beaten for it, especially by his brother: that's probably the reason why he bulked up so much.

    All things considered, Austin was actually a bit of an arsehole. I didn't have a lot to do with him and mostly it was pleasant (e.g. I remember playing Lylat Wars on his N64 back when it was just out), but one time he smeared chalkboard eraser all over the back of my school blazer and ran away. I chased him for about 10 minutes and when I caught him I didn't know what to do -- I think I decided to hold him in a painful armlock for a while, chalk his blazer in revenge and then leave

    I remember one time Austin disappeared from school for a week or two, because he was going to be in a movie with Brad Pitt! The movie was Snatch, and he does appear for a few minutes during the scenes in the gypsy camp. That is the Austin I remember from school.

    I also went to school with the "Blazin' Squad", if you have the unfortunate luck to remember who they were.

    Alright, maybe that's enough reminiscing. I didn't much like those days anyway.
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