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    Folant wrote:Use to stuff not exactly working properly though. I still remember spending ungodly amounts of times blowing into game carts to get them to work. Lol
    Shouldn't happen these days, but alas, my experiences are as such.
    Haha, oh man, they were the days :D My cart of Mario All Stars needed a lot of coaxing toward the end.

    Anyways, tried my save file on my mates PS3 and Academia loaded, although it seemed to be having a bit of heart attack while doing so. Soooo... I guess it is either a fault in the disc, or my PS3 is on the verge of YLOD... at least I can polish off the fragments and get that bastard platinum :D

    And yeah, Tonberry's are hard. I've only come across one so far and it nailed me. But I came across a Don Tonberry much later and somehow managed to capture it :D
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