#6898054, By Hack cheat fail unlocks all trophies - possibly

  • Deleted user 14 January 2011 17:05:54
    ryandsimmons wrote:
    Fuck I hope the hackers really really get fucked over in the upcoming lawsuit.


    kj66246 wrote:
    Well they fuc$ing well should be.

    I have pumped a fuck load of money into the the industry. Im perfectly happy with what Sony/MS/Nintendo and all the Developers have offered me. I don't want to rip them off.

    And I dont understand why these hackers are being treated as some sort of heros by some.
    They [u]are[/u] Enabling Piracy. It as simple as that.

    And yes Morriss, by the law they probably are not liable, but they are most certainly, without question Responsible...

    These are joke posts, right?
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