#6917414, By presh 10 O'Clock Live C4 - Brooker, Carr, Laverne and Mitchell

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    gang_of_bitches wrote:
    presh wrote:
    It was just about bearable, but I had to turn off when it got to the WNN bit - that was just too painfully unfunny.

    Agree that Mitchell was good, but even so, you can't really have an engaging debate with 4 people in less than 5 minutes. Everything was too chopped about and scripted.

    The difference with this and the Daily Show is that this is 4 known comedians (well, 3 and a quite funny presenter) trying to talk about news. The Day Today was a much better parody of the news because it was done seriously, and it's the same with the Daily Show - it's funny because the the satire is done with a straight face.

    It's definitely not supposed to be a parody a la The Day Today or even satire to the extent of the Daily Show. I imagine the brief was to get the yoofs interested in politics and god knows it's needed, but for me it's just too superficial, I know it's not really aimed at me, but I still think they could try and challenge their audience a bit more.

    Agree - just pointing out that those other 'news' shows are better satire because they don't try so hard to be funny. You actually get better banter on Question Time than there was on this show....
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