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  • MrVengeance 17 Jul 2011 23:00:39 135 posts
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    Its on the list, but I have to add some positive PR to Metal Slug 7 on the DS- I don't think it got half enough in all honesty.

    I'm off my games at the minute, if truth be told. After finishing my degree in May I went on the mother and father of all gaming binges, which I'm sorry to admit got a bit out hand around about that 7 hour Donkey Kong stint about three weeks ago! Haven't played much for the last ten days now, been busy reading and working on some postgraduate stuff.

    In need of a quick "gaming fix" last night I got out Slug 7 and played the shit out of it. So much fun and one of the most enjoyable arcade style games on the console. Its probably my favourite game in the extensive Metal Slug series - easily as good as my previous favourite - the first one.

    I imported the PAL version from France about a year ago and have had nothing but enjoyment from it. Highly recommended.
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