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    It is much, much worse.

    Foot, Benn and co vs Thatch, Tebbit etc was the last proper ideological battle in this country, then the Tories spun Kinnock out of his go, Labour worked out what spin was, and now it is just, as you say, a bunch of utter cunts out to enrich themselves. Professional politcians, out for a career in lying, at any cost, with all the social conscience of Jimmy Carr, to use a recent example. The Tories ofc tend to be rich in the first place, but the efforts of Tony, Mandy, Blindy and the rest have done much to level things up. The expenses scandal was a thoroughly cross-party affair, both in the greed before the fact and the indifference after.

    If one person is to blame, perhaps Bernard Ingham would be close to the top of the list. Whilst there were a lot of professional liars in politics before him, he seems to me to be one of the first who was absolutely bare-faced about it, who first used lies on a daily rather than occasional basis, forcing Labour (after a few outright disasters) to react in kind.

    If one person personifies everything that is bad about modern politicians, it is Tony Blair, who not content with being PM in the first place, wanted to be a statesman, with the result that this country participated in half a million murders in Iraq, based on an outright lie, which might yet catch up with him, though that seems very unlikely, because all the relevant documents are secret.

    The current shadow Chancellor and chums were involved in many of the PFI deals (not included in any national debt figures, handy that) now crippling NHS Trusts, based on plans put together by consultants under the Tories before them. In return Labour spent millions on consultants to investigate privatising (only backroom, honest guv) Police services, now giving the Tories something to do. They have both thoroughly fucked the railways, the buses, army housing and any number of other areas, creating companies where the directors take huge profits (80m to the owners of Stagecoach last year, mostly government subsidised) and the state covers any losses. All of these companies have boardrooms which welcome ex-politicians regardless of hue, it looks good on the letterhead.

    What mystifies me is why anyone would vote for any of them again, ever.

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