#6908704, By Nozzinja Why are 90%* of dog owners f*cking idiots?

  • Nozzinja 18 Jan 2011 16:00:13 205 posts
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    cianchristopher wrote:
    Fuck dogs, and cats, and all pet owners. Animals in the fucking house? You're all cunts living in smelly houses with shit and hair all over them.


    My neighbours have 3 dogs and 1 cat, the dogs never get walked and they never ventilate their house (unless you count letting the dogs out into the back garden as ventilation). For this reason i can't leave my windows at the back of the house open until night as the smell is vomit inducing when they open their back door..

    I know loads of people with pets and the majority of their houses are kept in top condition, its people that live in horrible conditions like that i just can't understand.

    I dont make eye contact with dogs and they dont bother me, something about eye contact makes them excited ive noticed.
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