#6944877, By Fido128 Left 4 Dead 2 Tournament

  • Fido128 31 Jan 2011 18:58:26 38 posts
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    Er ... I know this is probably very, very cheeky, but is there any chance I could flaunt the entry deadline by entering a team now? For some reason, I thought midnight tonight was the deadline, yet now I see it's passed. I know, I know. Ich bin ein muppet. :(

    If we are allowed in, I would be supremely grateful. Also, it would prevent the rest of my team lynching me. Our team, by Xbox Gamertag:

    [u]The Northerners[/u]
    117 Q SPartan 117
    xX T Menace Xx

    Anyway, if you can't squeeze us in, I'll totally understand. Dem the rules.
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