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    @uk-kob That's the thing, I have bought all the vehicles. I have the Auto Enthusiast Achievement, but no street races. Look at my map, it has nothing left on it for me to do apart from the High Speed DLC for Cop rep, which was easily maxed during the story.

    The only other things I can point out which may help figure this out are that I'm not max Triad yet, I'm only 8/10, and I don't have all clothing yet, still missing loads. Here's my map with some pasted in cuts from my stats:


    Oh and I saw people complaining about the Valet - if he is just bringing you bikes, you haven't configured him. You need to go to a parking garage (where you normally get vehicles) and in the top right you'll see "no vehicle chosen for the valet" or something similar. When you select a vehicle in the menu, there's a button you can press to have that brought by the valet every time, so you CAN pick, it's just not very intuitive.

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