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    Absolutely loving this game...
    And it has to be said, GTA has a lot to live up to in a few areas compared to this. The fighting mechanics for example, GTA 5 would have to equal or beat Sleeping Dogs in order to impress me. The same goes for gunplay and the life that seems to pump through the veins of the 'Semi-Recreation' of Hong Kong, not to mention the 'Mirror's Edge/Brink/Assassins Creed'-like free-running that features here-in. The story and voice acting here is also very good... So I'm left with the question, "How can GTA better this?".
    Don't get me wrong, I sure as hell hope it does... 'Cos it would be one hell of a game. But I can't help but feel that GTA 5 will feel a little flat in some areas after playing through Sleeping Dogs.
    Also, as others have said, I damn well hope the sales figures were good for this.... Meaning we'll get a Sleeping Dogs 2 (If so, it'll probably be Next Gen).

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