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    Okay, thanks guys. I'll keep at it. I did finish the races that were available - maybe it's some dlc stuff. The first race I tried was a long motorbike race around the whole island. The AI were overtaking me on straights even though we had the same bike? The other issue I had was that they kept ramming into me and for some reason if I fall off the bike I lose instantly but the AI drivers never fall of their bikes. That's a bit... Unfair. Also my bike's front wheel kept snagging on something on perfectly flat ground if I went at high speeds.

    So I left that race for a bit and went to try the others. There was a boat race that was pretty easy and a car race with some really nice cars that I finished on my first try. I think maybe the nearest race to you shouldn't be the hardest but hey. I haven't unlocked any new vehicles or at least I couldn't select anything.

    The fight clubs I haven't found too bad. It's nothing but counter + 3 normal hits and you can't lose.
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