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    I've just played the first three hours or so of this on PS3 and it's pretty horrible. I doubt I'll return to Hong Kong any time soon.

    The story's pretty good so far, really enjoyed the fighting but the driving is woeful, some of the character animations border on the disturbing (for example Popstar looked like an old ventriloquist's dummy when he was speaking and his girlfriend looked like she'd been badly reconstructed after being in an explosion) and there are some very amusing and not so amusing bugs.

    If you park up on the pavement and start honking the horn you eventually end up with tens of citizens around the car stuck in looped "WTF?" animations. The radio stations change without any user input. If you don't hit "Select to powerup" when it tells you, you CAN'T power up until the next time it asks. The pathfinding for the route guide is beyond rotten. The map takes a few seconds to actually appear when you bring it up. The crosshair is on the screen but the map fades in later and to top it all off, GTA:Kowloon makes almost exactly the same noise when higlighting a waypoint as GTA:IV does. One of the first missions I did was to go with what's his chops to rob a warehouse in a wee crappy van and I had to drive carefully to aviod police attention. That would have been OK if the car behind didn't insist on crashing into the back of me repeatedly at a set of traffic lights... when they were on red. *crash* reverse *crash* reverse *crash* reverse.

    Mind you, it was free, so...
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