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    If you park up on the pavement and start honking the horn you eventually end up with tens of citizens around the car stuck in looped "WTF?" animations.
    If you sit parked up honking your horn, for no reason in real life, this is probably the least of your worries.
    Haha. True. I'd spun out onto the pavement and was trying not to run anyone down on my way back onto the road.

    About the radio, I'm on PS3 so even with my comedy thumbs I was nowhere near touching the dpad while driving. Thanks for the tip about powering up. I didn't think to look in the pause menu. As for the pathfinding, what you say makes perfect sense. "I'm a cop, you idiot!"

    I'll probably give it another go after I've finished ME3. I'd just finished Borderlands 2 on the PC and fired this up and even though they are completely different games there is a distinct difference in overall quality between them.

    It's not shit. It's just not great. I suppose it's like having a starter and main from The Fat Duck and finishing off with a McFlurry.
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