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    @Psychotext But they can afford to send money home because they are living in HMOs with no long term overheads such as mortgages. The increased costs of living is a red herring because it will only affect the person working here, not their wife and kids that are still in their own country.

    So an Eastern European can afford to live 10 to a house for cheap rent (or in a lot of cases provided by the employer), while sending money home where the rest of his family has a cost of living that is two-thirds less and claiming child benefit at UK rates for children who would have never been to the UK.

    If someone told a minimum wage worker in this country that they could move abroad for a few years and send enough money back to the UK in that time to get a big deposit on a mortgage then they would do it. Ultimately though, it can only be a bad thing for anyone who resides permanently in that country.
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