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    Chopsen wrote:
    I've been saying there needs to be a decrease in student numbers for years. There has been an ideological driven inflation in numbers based on the simplistic notion that more students = awesomes, without actually worrying about the quality of eductation they were getting, if there were any jobs at the if for them and who was going to pay for it. This is just that correcting itself.

    Do you have anything interesting or useful to contribute, morriss, or is random smart arse sniping your thing now?
    Thats always been my thing. And that is useful. You seem to equate an education as purely utilitarian with no other pay-offs to your society other than a means of positive/negative taxes. That simplistic narrow-minded view is what exactly what I'm taking the piss out of.

    You know, the educated looking down on the uneducated. I thought you'd approve.
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